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The Rose of Jericho [VIDEO] is a species of desert moss that has the amazing ability to ‘resurrect’ itself after bouts of extreme dehydration lasting months or even years. After just a few hours of exposure to moisture the plants burst to life, uncurling from a tight ball of dry leaves to a green flower-like shape. Videographer Sean Steininger shot this timelapse of several plants as he exposed them to water.


*turns into a tree to avoid responsibilities*

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If we don’t protect the galaxy, who will?

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This movie is too damn hilarious for its own good.

god bless warner brothers

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Harry glanced down, and felt another dull blow to his stomach: Colin Creevey, though underage, must have sneaked back just as Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle had done. He was tiny in death.--Dear Colin, who thought of Harry as a hero and never wavered in his loyalty, despite the fact that sometimes hating Harry was the popular thing to do. Dear Colin, who didn’t buy into the rumours that Harry was Slytherin’s heir, who tried to change the “Potter Stinks” badges to say “Support Potter”, who joined the DA in his 4th year and then answered the coin’s call in his 6th and came back to Hogwarts for the Final Battle. Dear Colin, who snuck back into the castle during said battle after being dismissed for being underage. Dear Colin, who ultimately died. For believing in the cause and for believing in Harry Potter. I think he deserves much more appreciaton from the fandom, because how many of us would risk it all like Dear Colin? (via simplypotterheads)

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Just a guy with a boomerang. I didn’t ask for all this flying and magic! 




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